Lip Types

Hally Berry -Classic.jpg


The Classic lip augmentation is subtle but provides a distinctive formation of all the natural 5 planes of the lips. Women who have lost volume through aging and those preferring a subtle augmentation chose this style.

Anne Hathaway - Perlique.jpg


The pearlique style accentuates the lower lip. This style is opposite the cupid style. By accenting the two teardrop shapes, a more youthful, voluminous effect is achieved. Since Pearlique is isolated to the lower lip, it can be combined with other looks. Perique complements Cupid and Rubina very well.

Monica Bellucci -hollywood.jpg


The hollywood style focuses on full expression of the upper lip and little to no augmentation of the lower lip. The aesthetic result comes from maintaining a symmetrical balance. This style is popular among movie personalities. This style is for people who want attention on their lips without a full presentation of both lips. This style potentiates all three forms of the upper lip (two tapering rhomboid shapes, and the half bucket in the middle of the upper lip).

taylor swift -cupid.jpg


Cupid is the rarest of all lip forms. It enhances those lips that project a strong Cupids Bow form. Adding volume to such lips accents the natural appearance and results in a sexy full shape. 

angelina jolie - rubina.jpg


The Rubina lips are the full expression of the natural 5 planes of the lips. This means that any more product placed in the lips will distort these forms and will not be aesthetically pleasing. Rubina lips are heavily dependant on the facial structure of the woman wanting the look. If you have enough length to your face from the bottom of the nose to the chin then this can be a very attractive style.