1. Resveratrol B E Antioxidant- (Be cautious if you ahve sensitive skin. Don’t use if you are propylene glycol allergic) Anioxidants (especially the well formulated Vit C products) have beneficial effects on the skin. This product is another version based on the nataural antioxidants found in grapes and wine. Antioxidants help prevent the damage to skin cell DNA from UVA and UVB. They also help brown spots. This one is meant to be used at night while their Phloretin CF is recommended under the sunscreen in the am. Bottom line: if you love your morning antioxidant and get good results try this one for night use also. Its not a substitute for Retinoid though - try alternating nights.

    Using the Resveratrol and a retinoid on the same night might be too irritating. Try alternating. Its wise to start any new product cautiously and watch for irritation. Not for sensitive skin.

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  2. C E Ferulic

    Most skin types except the most sensitive. Helpful for pigmentation problems also.

    In line with SkinCeuticals superb antioxiants - a triple compound with L-ascorbic 15%. Vitamin E 1%, and 0.5% Ferulic ( a plant based antioxidant). Acts to prevent damage to skinc ell DNA from UV via reduced free radical formation and prevention of DNA mutations. May stimulate collegan production slightly.

    Apply to freshly cleansed skin as a first layer.

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