Light Filling with Redensity 1

We are very excited with this new product from Teosyal - Redensity 1, which has been recognized as the Best Skincare Injectable product in the UK this year.

It offers new concept between filling techniques and mesotherapy to restore the skin's ability to reflect light. It's a simple and effective protocol in 3 sessions at 3 week intervals. Visible and cumulative results are obvious from the first injection session. 

A European multi-centre study showed a 67% improvement in Complexion Radiance in the Face, a 69% improvement in Hydration, and an 83% improvement of Fine lines and Wrinkles.

The science is brilliant and the results are exciting. We are no longer offering Resatylane Skinboosters in our clinic. Rest assured we will stay on top of the emerging science and offer what we believe to be the best products on the market.

Losing Light in your Skin

When you’re older, light doesn’t bounce off the skin as well as when you’re young. This is not news, just go into any department store makeup counter and you’ll see just how ubiquitous light-reflecting foundation formulas are. Redensity 1 is ideal for the discerning client who prefers their beauty, bare-faced, slightly more permanent, and high-end.

Age, stress, hormonal imbalance (post-birth, menopause...) as well as sun, tobacco and an unhealthy lifestyle are all factors involved in skin aging. With time, lines develop, complexion turns dull, the skin texture becomes uneven and wrinkles appear. All these changes create dark areas on the face and the skin gradually loses its glow and becomes dry, thin and fragile. 

Thanks to Redensity [I], it is now possible for us to help you restore this balance by adequately nourishing the skin from within. 


What are the benefits of treatment?

  • Natural and immediate results - Teosyal gels effectively prevent and immediately correct all of the signs of aging in a highly natural way, respecting your personality traits and facial expressions. The results are immediately visible and there are no repercussions on everyday life. The suppleness, elasticity and tone of your skin is naturally restored.
  • Optimal Safety - Thanks to the manufacturing process, which benefits from the latest technological advances, the hyaluronic acid contained in Teosyal® gels is extremely pure. This guarantees exceptional tolerance and perfect integration into skin tissues.
  • A longer lasting effect that improves with additional treatments - Depending on your age and the structure of your face, 1 to 3 initial sessions will be needed in order to achieve the desired effect, which is evident immediately following the first treatment session. With Redensity 1, the injection sessions have a real, cumulative effect. Regular maintenance sessions will use less product to maintain your result.


    How Does Rededensity 1 Work?

    At any age your skin is constantly loosing its luminance and glow. In time, skin dulls, fine lines form, skin texture and tone becomes uneven forming dark areas and wrinkles begin to show up out of no where. Once you have had the treatment with Dr. Kelleher, your skin will regain the ability to reflect light and you will begin to notice a more even tone to the treated area.

    It redensifies your skin, restoring its ability to reflect light and giving an immediate, cumulative, visible, and – most importantly – natural result.

     The light filling treatment consists of microinjections performed evenly across the whole face or area of concern so that the Dermo-Restructing Complex is spread evenly into the skin. It is fantastic for the face, neck, décolleté, and hands – all areas that are fragile and often ignored by traditional treatments.

    Who is best suited to use Redensity I Teosyal products?

    This light filling treatment is suitable for anyone in any age category who has noticed the following signs of aging begin to appear and develop: tired, drawn features, loss of tone and radiance, wrinkles, and lines. Not only will Redensity [I] correct the pigment issues but it will correct fine lines as well. It is both corrective and preventative. 

    Dr. Kelleher can discuss all of the benefits with you during your free consultation.


    Several days prior to treatment it is recommended to discontinue aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, St. John's Wort, Vitamin E, and alcohol as this helps to minimize bruising and swelling. Patients are advised to drink plenty of water in the 24 hours prior to the treatment. To ensure patient comfort, a topical numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment. 

    Treatment takes about an hour and consists of performing micro-injections across the skin, so that hyaluronic acid and the Dermo-Restructuring Complex are spread evenly into the skin. Three sessions at three week intervals are recommended for optimal results. Two to three sessions per year are recommended to maintain the effects of the treatment. (1)  

    Results are visible after the first Light Filling session, but the cumulative results 1 month after the third Light Filling Session are the most exciting.

    Dr. Kelleher starts the procedure by going around the thin skin around the eyes, working her way down to the upper lips, jowls, and finishing on the neck area.

    What are the side effects?

    Following the treatment patients may experience mild redness and occasional bruising. In the treatment area, at the points of the micro injection sites, small raised bumps may be visible; the bumps are similar in size and appearance to hives and will diminish over the next several hours or days. Patients should avoid makeup and exercise for 24 hours, otherwise patients may return to normal activity following the treatment. 

    What does the treatment cost?

    • There is no charge for the initial consultation.
    • Initial treatment of 3ml costs €350 
    • A course of 3 treatments over 9 weeks costs €750
    • For specific hands and neck treatments, please ask at consultation.

    The Science-y Bit

    Loss of hyaluronic acid and excessive oxidative stress are the main reasons of skin aging:

    Hyaluronic acid is an essential skin component. It acts like a sponge that retains water and keeps the skin moisturized, plumped and healthy.

    As far as oxidative stress is concerned, the balance between detoxifying molecules (antioxidants) and toxic elements (oxidants) can be disturbed by many external factors. The excess of oxidants attacks the skin decreasing its elasticity and tonicity.

    What is Teosyal Redensity 1?

    Redensity [I] is the newest skin revitalizer restoring hydration, luminosity and tone. It is specifically designed to target fine lines, dull complexion and dehydrated skin in the under eye area as well as the face, hands, and neck. This light filling innovation is formulated to leave you with a lighter brighter tone and a more uniform and very natural result. Redensity [I] is an extremely pure product consisting of 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals, hydrating hyaluronic acid and 1 vitamin. All of these ingredients are already naturally present in your skin so this product really gives dull and lifeless looking skin the boost it needs to become vibrant, younger looking tissue.

    What is in it?


    • High concentration of free hyaluronic acid: 15mg/g
    • Optimal spreading properties
    • For dermal deep rehydration and redensification 


    • 3 highly efficient and powerful antioxidants, 2 minerals, 1 vitamin and 8 amino acids selected for their pharmaceutical grade, non-allergenic properties and compatibility with hyaluronic acid1
    • A selection of natural, non-allergenic and synergic ingredients
    •   For efficient skin protection and redensification 


    •   Local anesthetic
    •   For better patient comfort during the injection 



    TEOSYAL® PureSense Redensity [I] Dermo-Restructuring Complex combines natural components all synergically involved in redensifying the dermis and providing antioxidant protection: 3 potent antioxidants, 2 minerals, 1 vitamin and 8 amino acids.

    The Patented Dermo-Restructuring Complex induces:

    •   The restructuration of the dermis and a cellular regeneration: + 98% of collagen-IV2 and + 26% of fibrillin-12

    •   A strong improvement of the cutaneous hydration: 15 times more acidic GAGs2 in the epidermis

    •   An antioxidant protection: - 28% of the photo-induced oxidative stress 



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