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I’ve been coming to Liz for 5 years and this is my first review. It started out as a private trip with my sister but now there is a whole gang of us coming to Liz and we all talk about it! I come from Dublin because I’m a dentist and I know how good Liz’s work is. I would highly recommend Liz for any work. She is careful, measured and has a good eye. She puts the patient first and that is a very comforting feeling.
— Emma Mar 2019
I was very nervous. I have been reading everything on the website for months before I made an appointment. The consultation was easy and there was no pressure. I don’t know why I took so long to take the plunge. I’m just glad I did eventually. I went for a light dose of botox to soften my wrinkles but leave the expressions on my face. I’ll be back for filler soon! Thanks 5 stars
— Elaine October 2018
5 stars. Would highly recommend.
— Claire Septmber 2018
10 stars. I’m weak for myself. I have been going to Liz for three years. x
— Aisling August 2018
I have my full MOT done with Liz. Dental exam. cleaning, Botox for massiter, filler for cheeks, temples and lips. I’m only sorry the clinic doesn’t offer Laser and facials. I haven’t tried Hyperhidrosis for under arm yet but I’m tempted! Love the place and Liz.
— Caoimhe July 2018
The clinic is beautiful. Totally relaxing. It’s like a touch of old world luxury. I love coming here and I feel very well taken care off. I trust Liz to do what’s right for me. I would highly recommend. x
— Sue June 2018
I have been having botox for years. Three areas. I came to Liz as she was recommended by two different clients. She said she uses so little botox to treat my three areas that she only charges for one area. I am a regular every three month person so this makes a difference to me but she is the first person who seems to be more interested in my face and treatment that making money and selling me other treatments while I’m there. Now, any clients who mention they are interested in botox/filler I send them to Liz. I know she will do what’s best for them. She’s a total pro. 5 stars
— Sinead May 2018
I found Liz online as she is one of the only people who do under-eye treatments. I was reassured that she did her masters on that topic. When I came in-I wasn’t a candidate for the treatment. My eyes were puffy rather than sunken. She offered alternative ways of treating what was bothering me and gave me advice on how to go about tackling my puffy eyes. No charge for any of it.
I came back this year and got dermal filler in my cheeks and temples. I delighted with every part of my experience from start to finish. I feel I learn so much more about my face every time I talk to Liz. Would highly, highly recommend. 5 stars
— Evelyn Feb 2018
Liz is great. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Would recommend.
— Paul Dec 17
I have been going to Liz for years for routine dentistry. I asked about facial aesthetics at my last clean and Liz analysed my face, gave me some options and prices and told me to go away and think about it. I was a bit nervous as I’m not a fan of needles but it was much more comfortable than getting my teeth cleaned. I am amazed at the results. Its hard to pinpoint what is different but I look and feel much better. I’m getting loads of compliments and telling them its because I’m going to the gym. ;-0 I’m delighted.
— Sandy Nov 17
I am very happy to leave this review for Liz. This is my 4th treatment. I started on botox but I get Dermal fillers once a year too. The price for Botox has gone down too which is an unexpected bonus. She’s a real artist and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Aine Oct 17
I am very happy with Dr. Kelleher’s treatment. I was very nervous and she explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. She even sent me away to think about it. I thought I was too old for these treatments but I feel great now. I got 2ml of Dermal fillers and botox. It’s very subtle but I look and feel way better about myself. Sorry I didn’t come in when my friend recommended it. I am telling all my friends too. Its a real treat to myself. I am happy to write this review for them. A fantastic team. Thanks
— Mary September 17
I had a treatment for under arm sweating.

I was worry free for my wedding. Well worth it!

I’m not sure how long it will last (2 months in now) but it was a great feeling knowing that once I put on the dress and makeup that I was not going to sweat. Liz has been my dentist for years so i trusted her. I also had botox for my frown lines done before the wedding. I can’t thank Liz enough. x
— Rachel June 17
This is my 9th treatment with Liz. I come here to relax now, it’s like coming to a Spa. The views, the music, everything.
I love her treatments. So subtle and I feel really great. Love, love, Love it.
— Trish - Mar 17
Just sending a photo as requested of me trying my best to frown.....unsuccessfully.
So happy with the results. I noticed a difference after three days. Feel more awake and fresher. No one else has noticed specifically but just a few comments that I’m looking well. So couldn’t be happier. Totally reached my expectations.
— Susan S - Feb 2017
I came here for treatment for under my eyes. Lots of people offer Botox and I’ve been going to salons for years. I read Dr Kelleher’s article on Eye Circles and I gave it a try. I really needed something done. I am thrilled. Totally delighted. I won’t be going anywhere else for Botox or Filler. I’m sold on the eye-bag treatment!
— Siobhan - Dec 16
I searched on the internet looking for someone to help me with my massiter. I had a very bulky look from grinding and clenching and I read Botox could help. I travel a long way to see Dr. Kelleher every three months. I liked that she is a Dentist as well as an Aesthetic Doctor. I can trust her and she seems to do everything well. I was very nervous when I started. She has a very relaxing way about her and the treatment works very well. My face shape has really changed for the better.
— Amy Dec 16 (coming for 2 years)
Having taken a lot of time to research treatment centres in Ireland, I came across LK Aesthetics and I’m thrilled I did. The environment is calm, flawlessly clean and very appealing with the relaxing view of the garden adding another layer of elegance to the experience. Dr Liz and Clodagh are warm, welcoming and engaging from the second you walk through the door. The service is impeccable and the results are undeniable.

Having my first Botox experience was a pain free, easy process. Proper care and attention was given during the consultation helping me to quickly realise I had found the right clinic to meet my needs. Every aspect of the procedure and aftercare was explained thoroughly and with great patience.

After two sessions, I can confirm this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It doesn’t look like I have had a procedure at all. The compliments I have received since say I’m looking healthy, relaxed, well rested and fresh. The benefits for myself are that I no longer suffer headaches from squinting at the computer screen and I don’t look angry when I’m trying to focus and concentrate in meetings!

I can without a doubt highly recommend LK Aesthetics. You’re in the safest hands possible. Five star experience!
— Tracy - July 16
I came in to get my teeth whitened before my daughter’s wedding. The result was great and I decided to come back for Filler as I trusted Liz to do a lovely job. I’m really delighted with the results and I would highly recommend Liz. Professional, gentle, very kind and great results. I will be back.
— Barbara O'S - May 16
I have been getting Botox for years and Filler nearly as long. I have moved around from Salon to salon. I never really built a relationship with my injector which is mad as my hairdresser knows all about me!!! Anyway, its great to know that someone knows me and my face and what I like and what I need. I never really engaged with it before. Sometimes it was good, sometimes not so good (once very bad).
My face is changing faster than I’d like. An age spurt she calls it!
I trust her and will be staying put from now on. She’s very professional but really nice too and she seems to care about me and be interested.
I’m telling everyone who will listen!
— GD - Nov 15
I came for my Christmas top-up as my hairdresser goes here and she recommended it. The place is gorgeous. Like a spa. I will be coming back for my filler in the new-year.
— Aoife B- Nov 15
I chose LK Aesthetics as I wanted to get Botox to deal with a gummy smile. My family thought I was crazy but it really bugged me and I wanted to see if I liked the result. I did a lot of research on the net and asked around. I liked that Dr. Kelleher was a dentist and she taught in the Dental Hospital, it made me feel safer. The botox has changed my expression. I don’t have the same range of movement but I love the fact that now all you see are my teeth when I smile and not gum.
— Eliot K Oct 15
I go to LK Aesthetics for Hyperhydrosis. I have been getting injections every 6 months for years. It really works for me and I no longer worry about my excessive sweating. Dr. Kelleher is very quick and efficient and really knows her stuff.
— Natalia B - October 15
A friend recommended Dr. Liz Kelleher to me. I was very nervous but determined to get something done about my frown lines. She was patient and very thorough and insisted I go home and think about it as I was still a bit nervous. I came back the following week and am delighted with the results. It’s been 2 months now and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks!
— Anne O B. Sept 15
Just a lovely experience from start to finish
— Mary Doyle Sept 16
It felt like a bit of a luxury but I got my teeth whitened, filler for my cheeks and nasolabial folds and your own special “sprinkle effect” of Botox to augment the filler. It was without a doubt the best money I ever spent on myself! I work hard and it was a treat.

What I didn’t expect was the confidence boost I got and the business is doing better since. I think there is a connection! I love it.
— Ann-marie August 15
I came after reading your blog about botox and Depression. I am so glad that I did. It wasn’t the only step I am taking but it made a big difference. People are reacting to me differently. I never realised how negative my face must have been. The constant frown or anxious look, that often I wasn’t aware of, or feeling, is gone. People says I look happy and refreshed and am looking “great”. I feel all of those things too! I’m not sure if it’s psychosomatic, or because people are smiling at me more or because my facial muscles can no longer send the sad and angry signals. Whatever the reason, I am delighted! You are a life saver and very, very kind.
— Name Withheld August 15
I Love the new Clinic. It’s like coming to an Oasis. I will definitely recommend you. The treatment is excellent and the service is even better.
— T. Murray June 15
Thank you. I am thrilled with myself! It’s like looking in the mirror at me 10 years ago!
— N. Burke June 15
I am delighted with the results. I like the fact that you take a lot of time before treatment and there is no pressure at any time to go ahead. I am very impressed.
— J. Boylan June 15
Thank you. I will definitely recommend this treatment (botox and filler). I can’t wait until the dental surgery is up and running.
— B. O' Brien May 15
Thank you so much. I will highly recommend you. I was very nervous. There was no need. I love how subtle the treatment is. Thanks again.
— Orla Madden May 15
Good luck with the Build! I hope it’s as successful as my treatment . Lol.
— Amy Broderick Apr 15
Delighted with the results. Really delighted.
— J. O' Connor Apr 15
I am 38. I have just had Botox done for the first time in two areas and a small bit of filler in the cheeks. I am thrilled with the results and I seemed to age dramatically after my two children. I can’t wait until the Dental Practice opens to get my teeth whitened and get some white filling in my front teeth. Then I’ll be back to my old pre-baby self!

I am so glad I treated myself. I am much happier. Thank you so much.
— E. Moynihan Feb 15
I’m delighted with the results. I won’t tell anyone though! They think I look refreshed and happy.
— A. O' Leary Feb 15
Very Very Happy!
— Breeda M Jan 15
I am happy to recommend Dr. Kelleher and LK Aesthetics. I had Botox done before but had never had filler. I am delighted with the look and LOVE the immediate results.
— Joanne Collins Jan 15
I will definitely be recommending LK Aesthetics to my friends. This was the first time I ever got the name, batch number and amount of drugs used in each area. I never knew what treatment I had before or even the name of the drugs, which is a bit embarrassing. I thought botox was botox and never thought any more about it. I really enjoyed the time, the personal touch and all the extra detail.
— Jane Delaney Jan 15
I would highly recommend Dr. Kelleher. We decided on my treatment plan in the initial consultation. I am very happy with my botox experience but I was really blown away by the transformation I got from the Dermal Filler. It didn’t change me, it just gave me back the face shape I had 10 years ago. I love having the before and after photos and the detailed treatment report. I’ll definitely be back!
— A. O Callaghan Jan 15
If you are thinking of any Facial Aesthetics....... I would certainly recommend a consultation with liz in LK Aesthetics!!!!
— H Neale Dec 14
I really enjoyed this experience which was surprising as I am very needle phobic. Liz was very patient with me. She gave me a local anaesthetic on all the injection sites before we started and talked me through everything she was doing. She gave me loads of time and I never felt rushed or stressed. Which is some achievement! I like the fact that it is quiet and discreet.
— D. M. Murphy Dec 14
I loved the fact that you took the time to listen to me and my needs. I am thrilled with the results, not a mark was left and I didn’t have any side effects at all. I saw results in 3 days. I loved the relaxed atmosphere and I thought the photograph’s and email after were very professional. I will definitely be back.
— D. Corkery Nov 14
This was a great experience from beginning through treatment. Great clear information and advice. The follow up was just as informative. Definitely a first class experience. Will be back And I have no hesitation recommending the experience
— P. Murphy Oct 14
I was very surprised to enjoy my first experience with Botox in LK Aesthetics, Dr. Liz was very competent and reassuring which relaxed me. I was thrilled with the results - I look five years younger.
— Oonagh O' Brien Oct 14