New Aesthetic Clinic Starts Construction

OK. It's been six months since we started the planning process, which went surprisingly smoothly, and we got final grant of approval in early December. THEN the Fire Cert and the Disability Cert people got involved and now the Clinic we initially started out with is completely different. So now we have a fabulous, albeit different, design that is compliant with everyone. In building terms, think curves but wider and all on one level, more Italian Mama than Super Model on high heels. Both fronted in stone naturally. We have let the super model go and have embraced the Italian Mama model.

I'm glad we'll only have to do this once! (let me just say that the clearance tolerances for a double buggy clearly bugged my tolerance).

Today is the day our wonderful builder Martin Forde starts demolishing our stone walls. Don't worry, we'll be building them back up afterwards.

Here are a few photos of the site before the mayhem starts.

Never fear....The Aesthetic Clinic is still open and unaffected throughout the construction period.