This uses a standard ampoule of Dermal filler (1.0ml) and an average of 30 units of BTX drugs. We use the BTX drugs where needed as support for the Dermal Filler as opposed to being tied to particular areas. This is appropriate for moderate lines. It works to give support at a deeper level to smooth out lines. The Btx reduces the muscle action to allow the filler to last longer and stay in the correct position. The Dermal Filler part lasts 9 months approximately and the Btx needs to be topped up on average at 4 months.  The facial analysis at consultation is vital to get the ideal treatment combination designed specially for each client. 

The cost for this treatment is €550. Contact (021) 484-3444 or for a no-obligation consultation.

Add a course of Teeth Whitening to any LK Refresh Package for €250 (usual price is €300). See here for more details.