Botox/Dysport €10 per Unit. No Minimum Charge


  • One Unit BTX drugs €10
  • One Unit Dysport €4 (uses 2.5x number of units) 

There is no minimum charge for treatment. Additional units can be dotted around the face to treat small areas at a charge of €10 per unit.

The key ingredient is comprehensive facial analysis. We have unique faces, skin, musculature and wrinkles. We all age differently. One size, emphatically, does not fit all.

Don't get caught up with "number of units" and pricing per area. That might be a good metric when throwing down grass seed but it's not appropriate for a medical procedure on your face.

25 units of Botox injected into one face or one area is entirely different from 25 units of Botox injected into the right spots for you.